Fish Oil - Not All Fish Oil Better Known As Omega-3 Fatty Acid Are The Same.....

The fish oil also known as Omega-fatty acid

Is used to lower one’s triglycerides, and not to lower one’s bad cholesterol.

The American Heart Association has suggested different levels of omega-3 fatty acid intake, based on the condition of your health. For people without coronary artery disease, eating a variety of fish twice a week is highly recommended.

Omega-3 supplements

Are recommended for people with coronary artery disease. And high dose about 4000 mg/day is recommended for those with high triglycerides. The main effect is, it can lower triglyceride levels between 10-45% depending on the triglyceride level and the dosage of omega-3 fatty acid used.

There is also a tendency for the LDL "bad" cholesterol particle size to enlarge by up to 30%. And for HDL the "good" cholesterol to increase up to 7%.

Just be cautious about buying over-the-counter remedy

Because all brands are not alike. It is very important that you read the label because most Omega-3 fatty acid says 1000 mg. But it may actually contain as little as 300 mg of EPA and DHA. This mean you will have to take around 7 tablets if you are trying to take 2000 mg a day, and not just 2 of the 1000 mg capsules.

People taking these supplement may experience an unpleasant fishy taste if one burps. Fish oils are naturally susceptible to oxidation. They can turn rancid and may cause intolerance. One way to maintain shelf life, freshness, and reduce oxidation is to add vitamin E to the supplements. You can take the omega-3 supplement at night to reduce this problem.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Essential for Heart, Brain Health

One way to improve tolerance

And reduce the fishy after taste, if it is in liquid form, is to refrigerate it once opened. If you are taking the capsules, refrigeration before use will reduce the fishy taste.

But, the manufacturing process is the most important measure to reduce the aftertaste and the removal of the contaminants. When you experience a rancid taste it is most probably that the product was poorly purified by the manufacturer.

When you go looking for omega-3 fatty acid supplement always read the label.

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