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Overview : Cholesterol Foods

The Cholesterol Content of Foods

Cholesterol is found only in foods that come from animals, such as, dairy products, meat, poultry and fish. The cholesterol content of the following foods is zero: beans, breads, cereals, fruits, pasta, rice and vegetables.

The American Heart Association recommends to eat not more than 300 mg of cholesterol per day. This is because the cholesterol content of food increases the level of cholesterol in the blood and high blood cholesterol levels increase the risk of heart disease.

Eat less of these

Foods with excessive cholesterol content should be eaten sparingly. One serving of Coconut custard pie has 837 mg of cholesterol Whipped cream has 326 mg of cholesterol Chicken gizzards 283 mg of cholesterol Cream cheese cake 163 mg of cholesterol Chicken liver 158 mg of cholesterol Chocolate eclair 145 mg of cholesterol Sweetbreads 132 mg of cholesterol


Eggs have high cholesterol content, but all the cholesterol is in the yolk. One egg has 274 mg of cholesterol. But it has been proven that eating two eggs a day over a period of time have no significant increase of serum cholesterol.


Deep cold-water fish usually have less cholesterol than other fish because they have omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty acid is a polyunsaturated fat that is beneficial to your health.

Mackerel has 33 mg of cholesterol per serving Herring has 24 mg of cholesterol per serving Halibut has 14 mg of cholesterol per serving Salmon has 10 mg of cholesterol per serving


Shellfish are often loaded with cholesterol:

192 mg per serving for shrimp 170 mg per serving for oysters 162 mg per serving for crab 123 mg per serving for lobster 101 mg per serving for clams

Reducing Dietary Fat and Cholesterol

It is advisable to note that meat, poultry and fish have far more cholesterol content when fried than boiled, baked or steamed. Try eating yogurt, sherbet or ice milk instead of ice cream.

Rich ice cream has 88 mg of cholesterol per serving Ice milk has 13 mg of cholesterol per serving Sherbet has 14 mg of cholesterol per serving Plain yogurt has 14 mg of cholesterol per serving

Warning About Foods With Low Cholesterol Content

Foods with low cholesterol content are unhealthy if they have high levels of saturated fat. These fat becomes cholesterol in the body. Every oil has zero cholesterol, but is 100 percent fat. Coconut and palm kernel oils are mostly saturated fat while cod liver, corn, cottonseed, olive, peanut, safflower, soybean and sunflower oils are mostly unsaturated fat.

Foods with little cholesterol and lots of saturated fat include apple pie, avocados, cashews, cherry pie, chocolate, coconuts, corn chips, donuts, granola, peanut butter, shortening and sweet rolls.

Cholesterol Foods

When we talk about cholesterol foods we are talking about animal meat because plants do not contain cholesterol. According to a food survey, an American adult consumes 190 to 345 mg of dietary cholesterol per day. It is said that an increase of dietary cholesterol intake by 100 mg per day will increase total serum cholesterol concentration by 0.05 to 0.1 mmol/L, 80 per cent of that increase being in LDL cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a sterol that is essential for normal functioning of the body. But, when its level in the blood rises beyond the normal range it causes health complications. One of the causes of high serum cholesterol is consumption of foods high in cholesterol. One approach to acheive and maintain normal serum cholesterol level is to avoid or reduce intake of high cholesterol foods.

Several studies have shown that diets low in saturated fat and/or high in polyunsaturated fat reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood due to dietary sources. Human body is capable of meeting its cholesterol requirements by synthesizing cholesterol.



List of the Top 10 Foods High in Cholesterol Content

Top 10 common foods with the highest cholesterol food content.

Cholesterol food sources Cholesterol content (mg/100 g)

1 Beef, variety meats , brain, cooked, simmered 3100.00

2 Veal, variety meats , brain, cooked, braised 3100.00

3 Beef, variety meats , brain, raw 3010.00

4 Pork, fresh, variety meats, brain, cooked, braised 2552.00

5 Lamb, variety meats, brain, cooked, pan-fried 2504.00

6 Egg, yolk, dried 2335.00

7 Pork, fresh, variety meats, brain, raw 2195.00

8 Veal, variety meats, brain, cooked, pan-fried 2120.00

9 Lamb, variety meats , brain, cooked, braised 2043.00

10 Egg, whole, dried, stabilized, glucose reduced 2017.00

If you want to stay healthy and free from overloading yourself with high cholesterol foods, try eating as little of the above mentioned foods.

Please watch the video below for the list of food that have no cholesterol (foods).

List Of Food That Lower Cholesterol

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