Cholesterol Is Essential For Your Body Function.  But  Sadly Misunderstood.

I believe the word cholesterol, is the most misunderstood, feared and confused English word surrounding health and heart disease.

Why? This is so, because there are so many conflicting news, views, reviews and reports on cholesterol that are making everyone confused and uneasy whether they have high cholesterol or not. Whether they need statins which is the best selling drug in the world to overcome their high cholesterol levels.

Not to worry, the answers are within these web pages

If you care to look, they are at the end section of this page. If not, post us the questions and we will try to answer them in our subsequent articles.

That is the main purpose of this website:-

To help clarify, explain and set the record straight about the misinformation, confusion, anxiety, misery and suffering because of it. (The Cholesterol Scarce)

Most of you, I guess, have a misconception, are misinformed or have a misunderstanding about this "cholesterol" thing. The reason being, you had been influenced by negative news on the mass media and TV commercials about it. You were told that cholesterol is bad for your health, especially your heart and is the main cause of heart attack or stroke.

For decades, you were told cholesterol can cause plaque that can block your arteries

Resulting in heart disease, stroke or heart attack. As a result of this, loads of people jump into the bandwagon and started to find a remedy to lower their cholesterol believing in this flawed hypothesis.(theory)

This is a myth.

The truth is...this is only partially correct. Heart attacks have now being scientifically proven to be the result of INFLAMMATION and NOT because you have High Cholesterol!

Cholesterol - The Truth And Myths About Cholesterol

That is why so many people are mislead and misinformed, even by their own doctors and health care providers. Trusting and believing what they had being advice, they avoid foods that contain it. The most noticeable are people avoiding eating eggs. And if they take eggs, they throw the egg yolk away for fear of the cholesterol in it.

They avoid taking red meat, shrimps, shell fish

And any food that contains it. By avoiding taking these foods their diets suffer. Over time because of deficiency and lack of certain vitamins and minerals their health deteriorates and suffers.

They blame everything and anything, except their own doings for avoiding foods that contain it. This is really bad and not good for their health and well being. They feel sick and lethargic and ultimately have to see a doctor.

They are bombarded by so many advertisements in their tv and news media,

And were influenced by what they saw and heard. They started to imagine that they need these pills to overcome whatever health problem they conjure up in their minds.

And sure enough the doctors will prescribe medications to correct the imagined disease. This health condition is 'self-inflicted' and is the result of avoiding certain foods. You don`t need a doctor to tell you that.

However, all medications have side effects. The so called cure may be worst than the disease. So be wise and follow a balanced diet for a healthy and happy life.

What really is cholesterol?

Is it good or bad for your health. Why are people so concerned about it? What harm can come to them if they have high or low cholesterol readings?

You can find the answers here, explain in simple, easy to understand language within this website. Come back often for the answers you may be looking for.

Be assured that there is nothing to buy. We are here to do our best to fulfill the void that is so lacking in the media.

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Most of us had been mislead, lied to and drugged about lowering cholesterol treatments using STATINS. Wake up and educate yourself. Set yourself FREE from the clutches of the corrupt and heartless!

Truth About High Cholesterol