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This is an About Me page.

I am Frank Lee, a happy retired guy who now devote his time doing research on Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Medication, Natural Prevention, Self Development, Wealth and Happiness.

I also spend time polishing and improving my communication, public speaking, and leadership skills diligently at a local educational club.

I am very concern of people still having misconception about cholesterol, especially those who avoid eating eggs. If they do they will discard the egg yolk and throw it away, not knowing that they are wasting their money in doing so. Worst still, the benefits of eating eggs are lost because the most nutritious part of the egg is thrown away.

Please change your mind set and find out the latest news on the benefits of consuming the whole egg, including the egg yolk. To find out more on eggs please click here:Eggs

The purpose of creating this website is to instill awareness in the people who read my articles and blog. My website is on the most controversial word and topic -cholesterol

My other interests are:>

House renovation/decor/dressing,gardening, dancing, singing and traveling overseas.

I am also occupied in internet marketing, surfing the net and blogging. I'm on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites.....

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Eggs - Nature`s Perfect Food