Cholesterol Lowering Foods - Though The Right Choice Of Diets.

There are cholesterol lowering foods that you can eat which will reduce your LDL cholesterol level.

This is your Low Density Lipoproteins the so-called "bad cholesterol", and at the same time increase your HDL, the High Density Lipoproteins or the "good cholesterol", without prescription medications. This is a better and safer way to get your cholesterol under control with food/foods and without drugs.

There are many choices shopping for cholesterol lowering foods/food.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”,

Is still true today. Apples contain pectin which is a soluble fiber. This helps to remove the excess cholesterol out of the bloodstream. Apples also contain anti-oxidants that will help with lowering your cholesterol.

The next food/foods to look for is legumes. Like dried beans peas and lentils. These are high in protein, despite being vegetables, and contain soluble fiber. Because of this, legumes become good substitutes for red meat which is high in saturated fat.

Legumes unfortunately can cause a lot of gas. This can be overcome by soaking the legumes in boiling water for just 2 to 3 minutes. Leave it overnight and some 75 – 90% of the indigestible sugars which cause the gas will have been dissolved into the water. Throw away the water and you will have almost gas free legumes.

Whole brown rice can lower your cholesterol level.

These are good substitutes for red meat. They give you the protein you need for maintaining healthy bones, tendons, muscles, hair, blood and your internal organs.

Some great cholesterol lowering foods/food are :>

Cinnamon and garlic,

they can also lower cholesterol.

Oat meal and oat bran

Tave been shown to lower cholesterol significantly. Oatmeal contains soluble fiber which is good for the body. Just one and a half cups of oatmeal a day will provide your body with 4 to 5 grams of fiber, which is enough to start lowering your cholesterol.

In fact, if you eat a banana with oat meal/bran, the banana adds another 4 grams of fiber. This one meal will have the recommended daily fiber you need to start reducing your cholesterol levels.

Grapes contain flavonoids

that will lower cholesterol, especially red grapes. Red wine made from them is said to be good for health for the same reason.

Fish plays an important role

in your diet because of the omega-3 fatty acids. The Heart and Stroke Association recommends eating fish at least 2 or 3 times every week.

Fish such as sardines, salmon, tuna, anchovies and herring contain high omega-3 fatty acids. Fish capsule supplemens can help to some extent. Whenever possible, eating the fish itself is recommended, as they contain other nutrients that are good for our body.

Soybeans and other soy products

such as soy nuts, tofu and Tempe with soy milk, contain proteins. This is a good way of getting proteins without eating animal fat. Soybeans are rich in isoflavones and soluble fiber. They can help to lower your LDL the "bad cholesterol" and raise your HDL, the "good cholesterol".

Nuts are great for reducing your bad cholesterol

Or LDL because they are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Walnuts and almonds are said to keep the arteries elastic and healthy. These nuts, along with peanuts, hazelnuts and pecans, are useful to eat as snacks. But do be aware that eating more than a handful each day can lead to you gaining weight.

Research suggests that by eating one third of a cup of walnuts every day may lower your LDL cholesterol by 12%. This means it is definitely worth a try.

To keep your cholesterol in check

Remember these cholesterol lowering foods/food.

Eat walnuts daily

Fish 2 or 3 times a week

Oatmeal and banana daily

Legumes with rice and soybeans once a week

Finally, don’t forget to eat an apple a day too.

By eating the foods/diet mentioned above you will be well on your way to lowering your LDL cholesterol. You will be a lot healthier for it as well.

Choose cholesterol lowering foods for a healthier lifestyle!

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