Statins And Cholesterol

Statins And Cholesterol

We have been bombarded for decades to avoid dietary fats and cholesterol and the sun.

By faithfully following these misguided advice have resulted in an epidemic in obesity and coronary heart disease. And other debilitating diseases like arthritis and Alzheimer.

Cholesterol is found in animals is like chlorophyll is found in plants. Cholesterol, which is not found in plants, is what gives animals mobility and a nervous system. Therefore it is not surprising that statins side effects mainly affect muscles and the nervous system.

Should I Take Statin Drugs for Cholesterol?
However, the heart, which is a muscle, is not exempted from the adverse side effects of statin toxicity or poisoning. This is the main reason why the increase in heart failure has risen with the increase adoption of statin therapy. Thus, replacing cardiovascular disease as the number one killer in America.

The free and easy way to lower LDL ("bad cholesterol") levels is to get enough sun exposure.

Most Americans don`t have enough cholesterol in their skin and don`t get enough sun exposure. That is why they suffer from a large deficiency in cholesterol and sulfate supply to the tissues. This in turn resulted in damage to their muscles and nervous system.

The problem with statin drugs is that they drastically lower LDL levels by interfering with the cholesterol synthesis.

This drastic action creates havoc on the liver, which is the main back-up supplier of cholesterol to the tissues when cholesterol intake is low.

The liver has another huge task, which is to convert fructose to fat.

If there is insufficient cholesterol, the fat cannot be stored or transferred via LDL. Consequently, the liver gives up this task, resulting in extensive glycation damage to the blood protein. Then the muscle cells extract the excess fructose from the blood and convert it to lactate.

Another casualty of statin therapy is co-enzyme Q10. Co-enzyme Q10 is crucial for aerobic metabolism.

DiD - Statins and cholesterol control

Lactate is a great fuel for the heart and liver. But the problem is that the muscle cells get damaged in the process, due to massive overdoses of fructose, because of inadequate cholesterol. This is the main contributor to the excessive muscle pain and weakness associated with statins. Eventually, the muscles fail to function and heart failure may follow.

Long term use of statin will result in faster receding hair, developing cataracts, loss of hearing, failing memory and muscle weakness. Even more frightening are the rare but debilitating and even life-threatening side effects as ALS and Parkinson's disease, heart and liver failure, neuropathy and severe muscle damage. Low serum cholesterol is associated with increased frailty, accelerated mental decline, and early death.

Statins are not the answer to avoid cardiovascular disease.

Instead, it is better to modify the diet to include foods that are rich in cholesterol and saturated fat. Avoid empty carbohydrates, especially high fructose corn syrup. Eat foods that are packed with sulfur, and spend time outdoors in the sun.

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Statins And Cholesterol

Most of us had been mislead, lied to and drugged about lowering cholesterol treatments using STATINS. Wake up and educate yourself. Set yourself FREE from the clutches of the corrupt and heartless!

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