The cholesterol myth - delusion. The mystery and delusion of high and low cholesterol!

The Cholesterol Myth - Delusion

A myth is something mysterious or obscure. A friction or something that is made-believe and perceived to be mysterious. An unfounded or false notion.

Whereas, a delusion is a false belief held with conviction despite convincing evidence to the contrary. However, no delusion has a wider acceptance and belief, that cholesterol levels in the blood are a major factor in atherosclerosis - heart attack and stroke.

The cholesterol myth and delusion persists to this day.

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The Cholesterol Delusion

The Lipid Hypothesis Or Cholesterol Theory

Commonly known as the Lipid Hypothesis or Cholesterol Theory, the seeds of this delusion were sown in the late 19th century by a German pathologist by the name, Rudolph Virchow. He performed chemical analyses on arterial plaques taken from corpses. He discovered that they contained large amounts of cholesterol. He theorized that cholesterol from the blood infiltrated the walls of the arteries and thus caused the plaques he found there. He called this process lipid insudation.

Further credit was given to this theory when researchers in the early 1900s fed rabbits and chickens with a pure cholesterol diet. They discovered deposits on the arterial walls that they thought were atherosclerotic plaques.

Hence, it was thought that all the cholesterol in the blood came from the diet. But in 1925 it was found that the human body produces 80-90% of its own cholestero. That diet was relatively unimportant. This was the cause why questions was raised about the validity of the Cholesterol Theory.

Unfortunately it took many years for scientific technology to advance before they could tell that the arterial lesions found in the cholesterol-fed chickens and rabbits were different from those in the true atherosclerotic plaques.

In fact they closely resembled the arterial deposits seen in people afflicted with a rare type of genetic cholesterol storage disorder. These lesions did not progress on to ulceration and cause thrombotic complications such as heart attack and stroke.

Dr. Ancel Keyes

Before these facts became known and accepted, Dr. Ancel Keyes gave a huge boost to the Cholesterol Theory in the early 1950s. He believed that high fat diets would increase the blood cholesterol and lead to atherosclerosis and its complications.

In his Study he correlated the percentage fat in the national diet of six countries with the incidence of death from coronary heart disease (CHD). His graph showed a near perfect correlation between the two.

Fortunately, critics later pointed out that the same data he correlated for six countries was, available for 22 countries at the time of his study. He included the six that fit his theory and left out the 16 that didn't. These included countries with a low percentage fat in their diet and a high incidence of death from CHD. And those with a high fat diet and low incidence of CHD.

It is truly unbelievable that his studies are still quoted by many people after they have been shown virtual textbook examples of how to lie with statistics.

This delusion was further reinforced by the results from the Framingham Study in the 1960s. Thus the concept of "risk factors" for heart disease was borned. In spite of the fact that the correlations were quite weak.

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Big Fat Lies

There are millions of people the world over who still have the notion that Cholesterol Is The Cause Of Atherosclerosis - Heart Disease and Stroke

This is not true and many of them are taking Statins Drugs unnecessary to prevent heart disease which is dangerous and harmful to their health and well being.

"Be Wise Or You Will Be OTHER Than Wise!"

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