Statins Cardiovascular Disease And You

Statins Cardiovascular Disease

Statins And Cardiovascular Disease May Not Be The Answer To High Cholesterol

If you are one of the millions of people worldwide who are taking statin drugs to lower your cholesterol level because of a false impression. That reducing cholesterol will reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, stop taking it! In fact, there is no study that has ever shown, statin drugs prevent heart disease. However, many studies have shown that both men and women with the lowest cholesterol levels died earlier of all causes.

If you want to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke - Get the lead out of you body.

Statins and cardiovascular disease are not necessary linked.

Instead, if you want to reduce your risk of developing heart disease, heart attack or stroke, go get a total body burden test for heavy metals. A study reported in the medical journal Circulation found that adults with the very small level of lead toxicity of only 2 micrograms per deciliter or more, caused dramatic increases in heart attacks, strokes and death.

The study also found that even after controlling for all other cardiovascular risk factors including high blood pressure:

1. The risk of heart attack increased by an astounding 151 percent

2. The risk of stroke increased by 89 percent

3. The risk of death from heart disease increased by 55 percent

It is in the aorta which is the main artery of the body where lead accumulates. From the heart, the aorta supplies oxygenated blood to the circulatory system. It is found that even small amounts of lead can increase the risk of cardiovascular events and death. Lead anemia is common and often overlooked by traditional healthcare practitioners. They usually advise taking iron supplements. This merely treats the symptom of lead toxicity and allows the lead to cause greater damage. It also poisons the body with excessive iron.

Detox Mercury Lead and Heavy Metal

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported in 2003 that high blood pressure in postmenopausal women is strongly correlated to blood lead levels. Your bones are other areas of the body where lead is deposited. Aging, especially in women, causes bones to decalcify and lead is released into the blood where it can damage the vascular system and accumulate in other areas of the body.

Also, your kidney is another organ that may be damaged by lead. The New England Journal of Medicine reported a study that found using the chelation agent EDTA to remove lead in patients with kidney failure could prevent further loss of kidney function. The researchers concluded that lead detoxification could eliminate the need for dialysis for millions of people worldwide and save billions of dollars.

Lead is very toxic in the developing bodies of children. "There is no known threshold below which adverse effects of lead do not occur and recent studies demonstrate that lead-associated intellectual deficits occur at lead levels less than 10 ug/dL," states a report by the American Association of Pediatrics. In other words, there is no safe level for lead.

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Most of us had been mislead, lied to and drugged about lowering cholesterol treatments using STATINS. Wake up and educate yourself. Set yourself FREE from the clutches of the corrupt and heartless!

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