Statins And Alzhemier`s Disease - Is There Any Connection?

Statins And Alzheimer

A compelling new theory that lack of cholesterol may be the primary etiologic factor that cause Alzheimer`s disease.

A book, 'Alzheimer's Solved' by Henry Lorin, is a must read. Lorin states that in the majority of cases, Alzheimer's disease is caused by long-term shortages of cholesterol in the elderly brain except for people with Down syndrome and those with a history of brain injury or surgery.

His observation of the very low incidence of Alzheimer's disease in people with type-2 diabetes is associated with obesity and high blood cholesterol levels.

He found that Cree Indians, with their genetically predisposed diabetes of this type and high cholesterol levels, have very low likelihood of Alzheimer's disease.

He cited a compelling case for amyloid deposition as a substitute for insufficient cholesterol, neuronal degeneration, brain shrinkage and the progressive evolution of Alzheimer's disease.

Dangers of Statin Drugs
They Are Damaging the Brain

When the body is under stress, cholesterol manufacture and replacement is compromised. Amyloid is Mother Nature's band-aid, a poor substitute for cholesterol, leading to impaired neuronal function and death.

It is reported, the cognitive impairment that those with naturally low cholesterol and statin users are more likely to experience transient global amnesia, aggravation of pre-existing senility to forgetfulness, disorientation and confusion.

The mechanism of this side effect of statins is clearly rooted in the biosynthesis of cholesterol and is relevant about the predisposition to Alzheimer's disease of those with low serum cholesterol.

Only recently have we learned the importance of cholesterol in brain function. Cholesterol has now been proven to be absolutely vital in the formation and function of the trillions of synapses in our brains. That diminished bio-availability of cholesterol may be the key to Alzheimer's disease.

On 9 November 2001, Dr. Frank Pfrieger announced to the world the discovery that adequate cholesterol bioavailability was the key to both the formation and function of the billions of synapses in our brain supporting neuronal transmission. In the absence of sufficient cholesterol for synaptic support, neuronal transmission fails.

The glial cells of the brain, were shown to produce their own supply of cholesterol for the specific purpose of providing nerve cells with this vital synaptic component.

Danger Of Statin Drugs

Since the brain cannot tap the cholesterol supply in the blood because of the large lipoproteinsr, it must depend upon its own cholesterol synthesis, which the glial cells provide.

The highly lipophilic statin drugs such as Lipitor®, Mevacor® and Zocor® far more easily cross the blood-brain barrier and interfere with glial cell synthesis of cholesterol than their hydrophilic counterparts such as Pravachol®.

The researchers found that patients using statins had no reduction in their risk of developing dementia from any cause,compared with those who had never used statins. Statin therapy was not associated with a lower risk of dementia, the authors concluded.

A lack of benefit for Alzheimer's with statin use was also the conclusion of another study.

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Statins And Alzhemier`s Disease - Is There Any Connection?

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