Reduce Cholesterol -Simvastatin - Zocor - The more common statin drug prescribe by doctors the world over.

Reduce Cholesterol:

Reduce cholesterol at all cost, is the battle cry of those people who imagine themselves having high cholesterol. Rightly or wrongly they think or imagine they have high cholesterol after exposing themselves to the TV drug commercials in their living room every hour or minutes of the day, everyday and throughout the year.

Can you imagine what this can do to any sane person? This incessant bombardment of the message saying,

"High cholesterol is bad for YOU, and is the leading cause of plaque build up in YOUR arteries. If not taken care of, it may ultimately lead to stroke and heart attacks. Do YOU want this to happen to YOU? See your doctor today....".

Isn`t this message upsetting and frightening and leaving you thinking maybe, or just maybe he is right? If you think that way... You Are Hooked!

These repeated assaults on the mind, I am sure will have negative psychological effects that will trigger your and influence your mind thatyou better go see a doctor, right away.

Sure enough not long after that you are hooked on reduce cholesterol or lowering cholesterol drugs for life, because once started you will have to depend on it for your body to function. It is worst than addicted to coffee or alcohol. You just cannot do without it! Know what I mean?

If you need to reduce your cholesterol view this video.

How To Lower Your Cholesterol

In fact, there were plenty of evidence of "Safety Issue" for High Dose of Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs years earlier. Only recently, maybe after too many complaints that the FDA took action. Finally the US Food and Drug Administration says that a high-dose version of simvastatin, sold under the brand name of Zocor - which lowers levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol - should not be prescribed to new patients because of potential safety risks.

The announcement earlier this week by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that the high-dose formulation (80 mg per day) of the cholesterol-lowering drug simvastatin (Zocor) should not be prescribed for new patients was long awaited by critics of the drug, who questioned why the agency did not take such action sooner.

Many studies found that use of simvastatin elevated a patient’s risk of developing myopathy, or muscle injury, resulting in muscle pain, tenderness, and weakness. In rare cases, the most serious form of myopathy can damage the kidneys which can lead to kidney failure.

Cardiologist Steven E. Nissen, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic, first questioned the safety of simvastatin in 2004 in an editorial in JAMA. The editorial commented on study findings indicating that high-dose simvastatin, while increasing the risk of myopathy, was no better than low-dose simvastatin in reducing major cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke in patients with acute coronary syndrome.

REACH made a study of patients who had previously experienced a heart attack, announced in 2008, showed similar findings. That prompted the FDA to issue a safety announcement in March 2010 about the increased risk of myopathy in patients taking high-dose simvastatin.

It is not surprising that it took years to remove the drug because of potential conflicts of interests built into how drugs are regulated in the United States.

For one, the pharmaceutical industry now constitute more than half of the FDA’s funding of its approval process for new drugs. Another problem is that the FDA is responsible for both granting approval for a new drug and for restricting or banning its use when safety issues surfaced. Thus, removing a drug means admitting FDA made a mistake in the first place.

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cholesterol-lowering drug simvastatin (Zocor) should not be prescribed for new patients was long ...

When you have the time view this important video, it may change your (health) life!

Remember there are other ways to reduce cholesterol. Better stay away from drugs especially statins.

Big Pharma big bucks pt.1

Reduce Cholesterol

We all believe in the good doctors and the big and powerful pharmaceutical companies. Not now, not after you have watch this video. The best thing is...Don`t be too trusting, be your own judge and decide for yourself what is good for you. Better still seek a second or third opinion. Take charge of your own health and not leave it to the doctors to decide your fate....