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Niacin - Or Vitamin B3 in high doses

Were used to raise the HDL - the "good" cholesterol hoping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease ended prematurely after 18 months. The dismay result was that although the treatment raises the good cholesterol together with the low bad cholesterol, did not reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and stroke.

This made some researchers to suggest that cholesterol does not play a major role in the risk of cardiovascular disease in the first place. They claimed that instead, Calcium may play a more important role. The reason niacin in the study, used as a pharmacological agent increase the risk of stroke remains a mystery.

They opined that Niacin in high doses is ineffective in reducing the risk of cardiovascular events in those who have already been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

Many people, including physicians, believe that HDL is "good cholesterol" and LDL is "bad" cholesterol. Therefore, anything that raises HDL cholesterol is good. Like using niacin to increase HDL. They were wrong!

This is not the case and not so straight forward. Not everything that raises HDL is good, and not everything that lowers it is bad. Think of HDL like the garbage trucks of your body. Your body makes HDL to remove excessive cholesterol from your blood and tissues. This process is known as "reverse cholesterol transport." HDL transports cholesterol back to your liver where it is metabolized and removed from your body.

Most Americans eat a diet that's relatively high in saturated fat, animal protein, and cholesterol. This is a lot of "garbage". Those people who have a lot of garbage trucks - who have high HDL levels are more efficient at getting rid of extra fat and cholesterol in their diet.

Your body's ability to make more garbage trucks (raise your HDL) is, in part, genetically determined. Some people can make more garbage trucks than others. As a result, they have a lower risk of a heart attack or stroke than those who eat a high-fat, high cholesterol diet and have lower HDL levels.

Please view the Niacin video below for a clearer understanding about why you should consider another alternative treatment for your high cholesterol.

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