Lower Your Cholesterol For Optimun Health, Vitality And Peace Of Mind..

Lower Your Cholesterol:

How To Lower Your Cholesterol.

In order to lower your cholesterol you will need to modify your lifestyle and change your diet.

However, before you do anything, is best to consult a physician especially before starting any exercise plan or before changing your diet.

Learn how to read the Nutrition labels.

When you buy canned or packaged foods from the store or supermarket.

Go for Low fat and Low cholesterol foods.

Make sure you have plenty of Dietary fiber in your diet plan.

Start an Exercise plan or routine and follow it faithfully.

Consult a Doctor or your personal physician before you start anything strenuous exercise or modify your diet or change your eating habit.Have a Blood lipid test.

Unless your cholesterol problem is hereditary

You may start taking Statin drugs (optional)after all other alternative treatment fails. However, be warned that taking cholesterol lowering drugs especially statin, can cause very sever side effects. Contrary to what doctors and health care personals tell you.

Please view this video and tell me later after you have form your opinion.

Cholesterol myth exposed! They made it up to sell more drugs!

It is best to include Fish oil supplements because of the fatty acids.

To Lower Your Cholesterol:

Step 1: Limit fat intake and avoid trans fats

Read the nutrition labels at the back of the packaging in whatever you buy. Eat low fat foods. Avoid trans fats, hydrogenated fats found in margarine, shortening, and many baked goods, as in cake, biscuits and pastries.

Less than 1% of your diet should be from trans fats.

Step 2: Limit your cholesterol intake from the food you eat.

Maintain a low-cholesterol diet, with no more than 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day. Cholesterol is found only in food from animal sources. They are found in meats of animals in beef, pork, prawn etc...

Step 3: Include plenty of fiber in your diet:

Meaning take more fruits, vegetables, beans legumes and nuts. Whole-grain breads and pastas, oats, soy products, vegetable oil, lean meat and nonfat milk.

Keeping your cholesterol in check is key to living a healthy and happy life.

Get specific cholesterol-lowering food recommendations from authoritative resources like the Mayo Clinic and the American Heart Association.

Get plenty of exercise. Physical activity can increase HDL – good cholesterol – and lower LDL – bad cholesterol.

Finally, the best way is to eat foods that will help keep your cholesterol under control.

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