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What is lowering cholesterol legume diet?

Legumes are a powerhouse food, and an almost perfect food, Why? Because they are a high plant protein source, a high energy-yielding carbohydrate, also high in fiber, folate, iron, potassium, phytochemicals and calcium. Legumes are classified as a meat alternative because like meat, they contain a high amount of protein. Unlike meat legumes contain virtually no fat, and no cholesterol. They also contain carbohydrates that yield long-lasting energy!

Legumes contain 2 types of fiber

They contain soluble fiber, which helps to lower our cholesterol levels. They also contain insoluble fiber which increases bulk to the waste products in our large intestine.

Legumes contain folate.

Folate is a very important B vitamin that can help to lower Homocysteine levels in your blood, a risk factor for heart disease. Folate is also vital for the healthy nervous system development in a growing fetus. It is important for your nervous system , and for your heart and blood vessels. Folate, along with the other B vitamins contain in legumes are essential for almost every metabolic function in your body like your ability to make energy!

Legumes give you power.

Research has shown that athletes who consume beans several hours before competition have longer lasting endurance and strength! Legumes contain a form of starch that appears to help regulate blood sugar levels. This is very important for people with diabetes. One of the reasons for this is their low glycemic index. This refers to how quickly foods raise our blood sugar levels.

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Legumes are a good source of iron.

Beans are a good source of iron for vegetarians especially when they are combined with a food high in vitamin C. (The B vitamins in legumes are also an important component in the production of iron rich blood).

Legumes contain phytochemicals

(protease inhibitors) that appear to interfere with cancer cell growth.

Legumes fill you up without filling you out

. Research has shown that meals with beans satisfy our appetite and hunger longer creating a fuller feeling sooner with staying power (very helpful in weight control!).

Thus, black, navy, white and kidney beans, are just a few legumes you can add to salads, They make great hearty soups, add bulk to pasta dishes and they can even be used as a topping.

Are beans a good value? Let`s see, because at 80 calories per 1/2 cup, you can't go wrong! Your 1/2 cup of beans also average 7-10g fiber, with about 3 grams iron.

Eating beans more often can give you tissue-building protein,

Long-lasting energy, cancer destroying weapons, and save your lives with heart healthy fiber, folate and potassium. Is it any wonder that the Mediterranean population have less heart disease and live longer than the Americans?

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