Low Cholesterol damages Brain Function

Low Cholesterol damages Brain Function

Satins has been widely reported to cause "brain fog". This is one of the more common side effects. Don't let your doctor tell you it does not happen. Many researchers say the incidence of statins associated cognitive adverse effect is almost 100%, if modern sensitive testing methods are used.

However, not only those that take statins to lower their cholesterol face cognitive impairment issues. People with naturally low levels of cholesterol also show poorer performance on a variety of cognitive tests.

Researcher Penelope K. Elias MD of Boston University wrote in Psychosomatic Medicine.

Data was analyzed from 789 men and 1,105 women to examine the relationship between total cholesterol and cognitive performance. The results showed patients with the lowest total cholesterol performed poorly on tests of word similarities, fluency, attention and concentration ability, than patients with higher cholesterol levels.

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"It is not entirely surprising that lower cholesterol levels were associated with moderately lower levels of cognitive function given that cholesterol is important in brain function,"

said Doctor Elias. This study was performed with people who had naturally low levels of cholesterol and were not on any type of anti-cholesterol drugs.

Low serum cholesterol resulting from statin drug use is also associated with cognitive dysfunction. Review of some 25,000 adverse drug reports by Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) discovered hundreds of reports of statin associated cognitive dysfunction. Like extreme forgetfulness, confusion and disorientation in these statin users.

In the review from 1999 through 2006, there were 662 reports of atorvastatin ( LipitorĀ® ) associated transient global amnesia and severe memory loss. There were also lesser forms of cognitive loss such as confusion, disorientation and forgetfulness co-existing with the more significant cognitive manifestations.

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Study using simvastatin, another statin drug produced similar results to the lovastatin study.

Failure of many practicing physicians fail to recognize statin associated cognitive disturbance is clearly evident. And tens of thousands of patients with significant adverse cognitive effects are consistently denied.

Even FDA's own pre-release study of Lipitor

Documented that 4 to 5 cases of significant cognitive impairment such as amnesia or memory loss would be expected per 1,000 users of the drug. All lesser forms of cognitive loss such as confusion, disorientation or forgetfulness were disregarded.

cognitive impairment may not always be apparent in affected statin users.

Often these effects are subtle and difficult to pinpoint or measure. Our brains are not precise instruments and substantial decrement can be present without being evident either to the person or observers.

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Low Cholesterol damages Brain Function

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