Foods Lower Cholesterol - What are they? Are they easily available?

Foods Lower Cholesterol

What Foods Lower Cholesterol?

When people are looking for information on what foods lower cholesterol to improve their health, they have very little idea what they will be looking for.

Many people with high cholesterol levels after eating fatty junk food for a period of time, is a growing problem whereever fast food are sold.

So, what foods lower cholesterol?

The most sensible and healthy strategy to follow is, rather than eating foods to reduce your levels of LDL, "bad" cholesterol, it is better not to eat foods that contain LDL in the first place. Foods that contain LDL are red meat, full-fat dairy products and hydrogenated vegetable oils. If you replace your consumption of these foods with mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated oils, your LDL levels should fall naturally.

Different Foods That Can Lower Cholesterol

However, some people have high levels of LDL due to hereditary. If this is the case, the food to go for, is high fibre food like oatmeal and bran. Porridge oats, lentil soup, whole grain bread, pasta and brown rice.

When you think about foods that lower cholesterol. Think roughage and fibre, like oat bran, grains, walnuts, almonds and other nuts, fruits and vegetables.

You can follow a low fat, low cholesterol diet by trying to cut off the main sources of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) from your diet. Like red meat, full-fat dairy products and trans-fats (hydrogenated vegetable fats).

Therefore you should try to replace these saturated fats and trans fats with mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats which can be found in olive oil.

Low Cholesterol Diet Recipes

Many people think that liver, eggs and prawns cannot form a part of low-cholesterol diet recipes. This is not true. Although liver, eggs and prawns contain cholesterol, it is not readily absorbed by the body.

Here is a short list of foods for low cholesterol diet recipes:

Pulses, beans, seeds, grains, cereals, oat bran, fatty fish, vegetables and fruit.

Lowering Cholesterol Without Medication

How to...Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

The British Heart Foundation has recommended five ways of lowering cholesterol without medication.

1. Reduce the amount of saturated fats (animal fats and trans fats) that you eat

2. Replace your cooking oils with olive oil and mono-unsaturated fats and poly- unsaturated fats

3. Eat grains and fruits

4. Maintain a correct body weight

5. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day

Food That Lowers Cholesterol

There is food that lowers cholesterol. It is believed that soya bean protein will reduce cholesterol naturally and you do not need much of it. Twenty-five grammes of soya bean protein per day can reduce cholesterol by 15-25%.

Foods that lower cholesterol naturally are:

Nuts, soya, fatty fish, Walnuts and almonds.

They are said to lower LDL, the "bad" cholesterol.

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