Cholesterol Nuts, Oats, Lentils and soy products

Cholesterol Nuts

Nuts and oats to lower your cholesterol

Scientists are saying that eating more nuts and oats, rather than cutting down or avoiding fatty foods, could bost your efferts to reduce your cholesterol level.

They found, that a diet rich in foods known to lower cholesterol levels was more effective than cutting out saturated fats alone.

Cholesterol And Nuts & High Fiber Foods

The foods that worked best in the study are soy products such as milk, tofu and meat substitutes. While eating more peas, beans and lentils was also helpful.

The Canadian researchers discovered that a six-month change to the diet could result in a substantial and “meaningful” 13 percent reduction in blood levels of LDL cholesterol, also known as the “bad” cholesterol.

They found that by following the diet for longer would give a predicted reduction of almost 11 percent in heart disease risk over a 10-year period.

In this particular study, 345 patients, all of whom suffered from high cholesterol, were split into three groups, one of which was merely recommended to adopt a low-fat diet that included fruit and vegetables.

Cholesterol- Nuts - Oats

The two other groups were advised to follow a dietary “portfolio” consisting of specific foods known to lower LDL cholesterol such as nuts, oats, soy products and lentils.

As expected, after six months, the low-fat group had experienced a drop in LDL cholesterol levels of only 3 percent. However, switching to a diet that actively lowered LDL cholesterol (nuts, oats, soy products, lentils..) led to a reduction of over 13 percent.

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Cholesterol Nuts

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