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We set up this page to bring you articles, reports, opinions, results, videos, happenings, health and nutrition related to cholesterol. This is to enable you to have a wide perspective on the subject cholesterol from varied and different sources.

Hopefully this will help you form your own educated opinion and not be influence by others especially the mass media and the TV commercials.


1. Some Facts Concerning Cholesterol

2. Some Facts Concerning Cholesterol

3. Treating high cholesterol? Statin drugs can cause devastating side effects

4. The great direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising con.

5. Understand cholesterol

Please view the video to help you understand better and form your opinion about the good and bad about cholesterol.

Truth About High Cholesterol & Statins Drugs like Lipitor

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6. Will instant coffee raise cholesterol?

7. 23 foods to lower cholesterol

8. Study Says Raising Good Cholesterol Has Little Impact

9. Low Cholesterol Increases Cancer and Death Risk

10. Statins Damage Liver, Kidneys, Eyes, & Muscles

If time permits view this health video. You`ll be glad you did.

"Rediculously Healthy" - Episode 2

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Most of us had been mislead, lied to and drugged about lowering cholesterol treatments using STATINS. Wake up and educate yourself. Set yourself FREE from the clutches of the corrupt and heartless!

Truth About High Cholesterol