Cholesterol Medicine - Are They Really Necessary Just For The Purpose Of Lowering Your Cholesterol Level? Or Is There A Conspiracy To Sell More Drugs To Better Their Bottom Line? Make An Educated Guess Here.

Cholesterol Medicine - Cholesterol-Lowering Medications And You

Do you know that the best selling drug in the world is the cholesterol medicine (drug) - the statins? A staggering figure of more that $13 billions a year.

Moreover, do you really need them? The doctors say it wll help lower your cholesterol. What for? So that you can be st put ins for the rest of your life? What is the wisdom behind all these recommendations? Let`s find out within this page...

The common practice of treatment to lower cholesterol is :

If your LDL level is 130 mg/dL or greater, you will need to take an LDL-lowering medicine. However, if your LDL level is 100 to 129 mg/dL, you might be prescribe medication to lower further your LDL. If you have been hospitalized for a heart attack, your doctor will likely start you on a medication at discharge if your LDL-cholesterol is 130 mg/dL or greater.

If your LDL-cholesterol is between 100 and 129 mg/dL during your hospitalization, you may be asked to start on a LDL-lowering medication before you are discharged.

Also, if your LDL-cholesterol is less than 100 mg/dL you may be required to start a cholesterol-lowering medication together with diet and physical activity right from the beginning of treatment.

If your doctor prescribes medicine, then you will need to:

1. Follow your cholesterol-lowering diet. 2. Be more physically active. That means you will have to start exercising.

3. If you are overweight you will have to lose weight.

4. You have to monitor and take control of all your other heart disease risk factors, like smoking, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

By following all these steps you may require less amount of medication and make the medicine work more efficiently. That may reduce your risk for a heart attack.

An example of a description of cholesterol-lowering medicines are:

Statins, Bile Acid Sequestrants, Nicotinic Acid and Fibrates.

Cholesterol medicine - the statins are the most prescribed drugs in the world for lowering cholesterol. But what is not reveal are the dangerous side effects of taking them.

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

Brand Name Generic Name

Atromid-S clofibrate

Colestid colestipol

Crestor rosuvastatin

Lescol fluvastatin

Lipitor torvastatin

Lopid gemfibrozil

Mevacor lovastatin

Niacin nicotinic acid

Niaspan niacin

Pravachol pravastatin

Questran cholestyramine

Tricor fenofibrate

Zetia ezetimibe

Zocor simvastatin

Please view the video below on cholesterol medicine and form your own opinion. Be wise or you will be other than wise - "otherwise.

Natural Medicine Update: Cholesterol and Statins

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