Cholesterol Heart Disease : Is There A Link? Is Cholesterol The Cause Of Heart Disease?

Cholesterol Heart Disease

The Drug companies' commercials continuing telling the viewers that cholesterol is the public enemy number 1 in the fight against heart disease, is sending out the wrong signals.

Cholesterol Heart Disease and you

Is cholesterol really the villain of heart disease?

A current ad for LipitorĀ® saying that, "80% of people who have had a heart attack have high cholesterol." This sounds very persuasive and convincing indeed, but is misleading because it only tells you half the truth.

The normal range of cholesterol in the good old days was (about 50 years ago) 100 to 300. Then, out of the blue a new disease called hypercholesterolemia was coined. And to frighten the people into submission and get them into the net, anyone with a cholesterol level of 200 or higher was deemed to have high cholesterol.

Please view this very important video to understand how this cholesterol craze began. You`ll be glad you did!

The Cholesterol Myth. The Big Fat Lies

This was the beginning of the cholesterol heart disease craze and the big drug companies' quickly went full swing into the development of cholesterol lowering drugs. The end result was the mass marketing of statins in 1988. After that date, the acceptable, lower level of cholesterol was arbitrarily adjusted downwards from 200 to 170. Then,to 150 and now 130. That is why the ads is telling the viewers that, "80% of people who have had heart attacks have high cholesterol." This is a self inflicted prophecy, because nearly all people are "caught" by this newest lower value of 130.

Maybe, soon the acceptable level of cholesterol will be 110 and the big pharmaceutical companies will be able to say with complete honesty that almost 100 percent of people who have heart attacks have high cholesterol. This is simply because nearly everyone has high cholesterol if you lower the desirable level sufficiently.

In reality the cholesterol levels in more than half of new heart attack cases are completely normal. That was the conclusion what Uffe Ravnskov, MD of "The Cholesterol Myths', Kilmer McCully, MD of "The Homocysteine Revolution", that the theory of cholesterol causation was wrong. It just did not fit the facts.

Given the conclusions from many studies, even the most steadfast advocate of cholesterol causation has to heed the evidence and rethink their philosophy. Cholesterol it seems is irrelevant to cardiovascular disease.

It is time for you to rethink about your cholesterol heart disease connection.

Is Bad Cholesterol a Secret Scam?

Cholesterol is not your enemy in your fight against heart attacks and strokes. Ravnskov, McCully and all the eminently qualified membership of THINCS (The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics) at have been saying this for years. It is time to listen.

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Cholesterol Heart Disease Refuse A Heart Attack