Cholesterol And Soya

The Cholesterol And Soya Story

Soya has been proclaimed as the best substitute for cow`s milk for infants with lactose intolerance. However, there is another hidden part of the ill effects of soya that has never been revealed.

Controversy about soya and it's effects on human health

Refined Soya Products

Cholesterol and soya are not connected in any way. Soya does not contain cholesterol. Soya milk and tofu are not wholefoods. They are the products of a long refining process. The same is true for (TVP) a soya based product, and soya flour. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid consuming large amounts of these products on a regular basis. Refined soya also contains phytic acid. Excessive intake can contribute to mineral deficiencies.

Hidden Refined Soya and Genetically Modified Soya

Refined soya is a hidden ingredient in many refined and pre-packaged foods. It is used to "pad out" such foods. It contains a protein isolate, that is so highly processed, that it should be avoided at all costs.

Why Soy Is NOT a Health Food

Wholefood Soya Products

The most beneficial wholefood soya products are the fermented products such as miso, which contains valuable digestive enzymes. Tamari and shoyu which are types of soya sauce, and tempeh, which is a protein rich wholefood alternative to tofu. Whole soya beans are also good, although they must be thoroughly cooked in order to destroy the toxic parts of the bean, which can inhibit a digestive enzyme called trypsin.

Soya and Women

Soya products (particularly the refined ones) are extremely efficient at alleviating symptoms such as hot flushes and vaginal dryness. Soya contains substances called phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens dock at oestrogen receptor sites and thus mimic the effects of real oestrogen. Women suffering from symptoms associated with the menopause may find that adding extra soya to their diet is helpful.

Soya and Infants

Soya based infant formulas tend to have too much sugar in them. Recent research concluded that soya fed babies have a two-fold risk of developing thyroid abnormalities. The best alternative to breast milk for babies is goat's milk formula. It is the most similar animal milk in nutritional composition to human milk and is suitable for most babies who have problems digesting cows milk.


People Who Should Avoid Soya Products

People with thyroid disorders, digestive problems or excess mucus, tumours, cysts, parasites, yeast sensitivity, should avoid refined soya.

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The Cholesterol And Soya Story

We all believe in the good doctors and the big and powerful pharmaceutical companies. Not now, not after you have watch this video. The best thing is...Don`t be too trusting, be your own judge and decide for yourself what is good for you. Better still seek a second or third opinion. Take charge of your own health and not leave it to the doctors to decide your fate....