cholesterol_solution: The way to go is the natural way through diet, exercise and lifestyle and NOT by using drugs especially statins!

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Natural cholesterol_solution is better than taking drugs especially statin to lower your cholesterol because of its harmful side effects. Avoid this unless really necessary and it`s the last option. Otherwise say NO! Stay away from drugs!

What Will Lowering Your High Serum Cholesterol Level Do for You?

Studies have proven, that in adults with high serum cholesterol levels, one percent reduction in total cholesterol levels, there was a two percent reduction in the number of heart attacks. This means, if you reduce your cholesterol level 15 percent, your risk of coronary heart disease could drop by 30 percent.

Do You Know The Best Cholesterol_Solution?

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. That more than half of American adults have dangerous blood cholesterol readings of over 200. This works out to just one in about 50 Americans. They live a life everyday with borderline-high levels of cholesterol. And you may be the one out of every five adults with hypercholesterolemia. Hyper- holesterolemia is defined as a dangerous cholesterol reading of 240 and above.

Don`t be frightened by this number because in the early 90`s the normal range is 200 to 300 and is acceptable by the medical professionals. But when the cholesterol craze sets in it was lowered to 150 to below 200. No wonder under this new guidelines the majority of Americans suddenly find themselves in the net.

That is why finding a cholesterol solution to overcome this problem is important.

Another sad news is that more than 1,000,000 Americans will have a heart attack this year! Your blood cholesterol level has a lot to do with your chances of getting heart disease. The higher your overall cholesterol number, the greater your risk for developing heart disease and heart attack.

How important is lowering cholesterol?

In a five year clinical study of over 4400 patients with heart disease, researchers found for every 1000 patients treated for high cholesterol levels: 70 of the 210 expected nonfatal heart attacks will be avoided.

40 of 90 people expected to die to heart disease will be saved

60 of the 210 people expected to have heart surgeries will not need their operation.

This indicates that lowering high cholesterol levels can reduce and sometimes help patients avoid costly operations. And also save some from dying.

Natural Solution to High Cholesterol!

If you choose to find your cholesterol solution by taking drugs especially the statins please be forewarned!

Read this! The Scary Truth About Statins. What you need to know before you fill that prescription.

The catch word that high cholesterol causes heart disease has allowed doctors to write millions of prescriptions for cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins to patients who really don`t need them.

But the truth is that half the people who have a heart attack don’t have high cholesterol. So, increasingly, doctors have blamed inflammation within the cardiovascular system as the culprit in these cases.

This was because of a study published late last year and to convince the people that they have found a drug that can help lower the risk of heart attacks for the other 50% "potential victims Lo and behold, it’s a statin again.

Cholesterol_SolutionCan you beat it? Please don`t fall into the trap!


We all believe in the good doctors and the big and powerful pharmaceutical companies. Not now, not after you have watch this video. The best thing is...Don`t be too trusting, be your own judge and decide for yourself what is good for you. Better still seek a second or third opinion. Take charge of your own health and not leave it to the doctors to decide your fate....