Cholesterol And Hypertension - Are They Connected?

Cholesterol And Hypertension - High Blood Pressure

Do you know that Inflammation plays a HUGE role in the development of hypertension?

This is what happened. As you age, your arteries are damaged from a variety of ways, such as an injury, infection or even from harmful bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans.

When this happens, your immune systems, knowing something is wrong with an artery, sends an army of white blood cells to the affected area. As part of their healing process, the white blood cells create inflammation, and these inflamed areas pull cholesterol from your blood. This is like using glue to repair a cracked plate.

How to Treat High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure Naturally

However, if this cycle continues long enough, the cholesterol begins to accumulate in the inflamed area. Ultimately, the blood vessel begins to narrow and can become completely closed.

Before that happens, your heart has to push the blood hard through your narrowing blood vessels. And your blood pressure goes UP in order to get the blood to move through these areas.

What happen when the blood vessel becomes blocked?

This may triger a heart attack or a stroke. However, rearchers have found that adding probiotics can help reduce your risk of high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease from inflammation.

Here's how the probiotics work

Probiotics support the development of regulatory T cells in your immune system. These T cells help reduce overzealous immune responses throughout your body. This simply means that fewer white blood cells are sent to a damaged artery, and therefore less inflammation and less accumulation of cholesterol in the area.

Probiotics help reduce blood cholesterol in these 3 ways

1. Probiotics create acids that counter cholesterol production.

As probiotic bacteria digest fiber in your intestines, they produce acids. One of the acids, called proprionic acid, decreases production of cholesterol by your liver. Less cholesterol produced by the liver means less will be accumulated in your veins.

2. Probiotics break down liver bile acids

The bile acids help your body digest fats. Your liver manufactures these bile acids from cholesterol. Usually your liver recycles bile acids and uses them over and over. But probiotics break down bile acids, so your liver has to make more. So more cholesterol is used up in the process. Thus, more cholesterol used by the liver to make bile acids means less cholesterol in your bloodstream.

3. Probiotics eat cholesterol

The probiotic bacteria have been shown to break down cholesterol and use it for nourishment. That means cleaner arteries.

High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol -- Success Story! (Gary)

Big Pharma's side effects vs. safe & natural probiotics

If that is the case, why don't pharmaceutical companies just make probiotics? This is because probiotics are natural substances already in the body. So they can't patent them. And no patent means no exclusivity. That means no high prices or staggering profits. So instead, they make all kinds of weird chemical concoctions that can be patented, gives them exclusivity, and make incredible profits for them.

But, drugs for high blood pressure, like all drugs, can cause horrendous side effects. Blood pressure drugs are known to cause these side-effects.

Constipation, Dehydration, Dizziness, Light-headedness, Fainting or Drowsiness, Dry mouth

Frequent urination at night, Headaches, Increased sensitivity to cold, Increased sensitivity to sunlight

Potassium loss, Tender, swollen or bleeding gums and Upset stomach.

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Cholesterol And Hypertension

We all believe in the good doctors and the big and powerful pharmaceutical companies. Not now, not after you have watch this video. The best thing is...Don`t be too trusting, be your own judge and decide for yourself what is good for you. Better still seek a second or third opinion. Take charge of your own health and not leave it to the doctors to decide your fate....