Lowering Cholesterol : Can have very bad effect on your mental health. Many studies had proven that statin can affect your mental health resulting in depression.......

Lowering Cholesterol Can Cause Depression

If you listen to the advice given by most doctors and scientists, you will soon believe that cholesterol is a killer substance that needs to be removed from your body. Yet, in reality cholesterol is a natural substance, found in every cell membrane in your body and are essential for your normal everyday, cell function.

It’s also a basic building block of many important hormones, and the making of vitamin D in your body.

Almost 80% of the cholesterol in your bloodstream is made in your liver. When you reduce cholesterol in your diets, your liver will quickly increase the amount your body requires. It produces more to make up for the reduced cholesterol intake. This only shows that your body has a built-in self monitoring system - like a thermostat in your car - that keeps your cholesterol levels at optimum level.

This fact shows you how essential cholesterol is to life and health.

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Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Other evidence, from studies and research, linked low levels of cholesterol to early death, principally from cancer. Research also showed that, low levels of ‘bad’ LDL-cholesterol are associated with an increased risk of depression. Your brain contains the most amount of cholesterol and is essential for the proper functioning of ‘synapses’ – where one nerve cell communicates with another.

Synapses are tiny ‘gaps’ between nerve cells. Communication between nerve cells takes place by the release of chemicals (neurotransmitters) that float across the ‘gaps’ which are attached to receptors on the surruonding nerve cells. There are many different neurotransmitters in your brain. But one of the most important ones is serotonin. Serotonin gives an anti-depressant and ‘feel good’ effect in the brain. It’s the brain chemical that anti-depressant drugs such as Prozac (fluoxetine) are designed to work in the brain.

Given that cholesterol is essential to the proper functioning of synapses, and that serotonin affects these structures, is it any wonder, that reducing the supply of cholesterol to the brain might cause problems there?

This is essentially the question that was asked by some researchers based in Hyderabad, India. In their research, animals were treated with the statin cholesterol-lowering drug - mevastatin. It was found that this drug mevastatin changed both the structure and function of the serotonin receptors on nerve cells.

The implications were unbelievable. It was found that the damaged or destroyed serotonin functioning in the brain increases the risk of anxiety and depression. Evidence exists, which reveals how statins can alter mood and, in particular, how they have the potential to trigger depression.

In the Indian study, the researchers went on to see what happened when more cholesterol was made available again. In these circumstances, serotonin functioning was restored.

Their findings remind us that cholesterol is a vital constituent in the body and not to be tampered with.

The fact that the body automatically makes more of it if the supply is reduced via our diet or taking cholesterol reducing statin like mevastatin tells us that there is no need to reduce your cholesterol.

But if you insist, then try lowering cholesterol the natural way through diets, exercise and healthy lifestyle.

Do not be taken in by the ads of these drug companies...they are only interested to sell, sell and sell, their statins to increase their bottom line.

Is your call. "The choice is yours!"

Lowering Cholesterol